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Thursday, September 20, 2007
  Real or Fictitious
TV Dramas/ Movies/ Cartoons/ anything on TV.... appears to be too gd to be true. The people either look like tom cruise(s), or they have a heart of gold and still look like tom cruise(s). HEH. Don't get too happy gers! Cuz the gers either look like jessica alba, or they have a heart of gold and still look like jessica alba! HEH.

But in reality... it is just so much difference la! Catch a guy tt look like tom cruise and not on tv.. prolly u find him infected with either AIDS or STD(s). (If ya know what i mean). Find a ger tt looks like jessica alba? And she's already married with 3 kids from 5 different husband at the age of 21.* Kidding la.. a ger somehow or rather would be betta i guess? Correct me if ima wrong.

*clause- Not applying to those very good gers.

So... given a choice.. u wan to be a ficticious character or who u are now?

To be honestly speaking.. at times i personally WANT to be those on TV.. well... meaning wanna be ficticious. Everything appears too gd to be true. On the other hand.. i rather be myself. I CAN DIG MY NOSE AND THEY CANT!!!! woooooooo~ the simple pleasure!

Ok.. im so not convinced by myself either.. but aniwaes.. suck. We are just who we are right.. and we can never be like those on TV.. so forget about the whole thing =) just live ur life to the FULLEST for Christ and u'll experience more JOY den those on TV.
Wednesday, September 12, 2007
  Why do people blog?

This question has been in my mind since ages (1min) ago.. before i can generally answer that, i've gotta answer that personally.

Why do I blog?

Blogging is a way/channel/mean/(new age cultic movement!) to express how people feel about certain things.. their life.. their gf.. their work.. their dog.. or even their watermelons..(wierd).
The actual reason being is because people nowadays want to be heard, want to be accepted and etc.

Me? Come on lah.. if i want to be heard i would have taken my gun out of the army camp.. The reason for me blogging is really cuz i got nothing better to do since im unemployed. Ok.. i do have to admit i enjoy to write (sometimes), and that i do have nice tasting watermelons for people to be jealous that i can eat em' and they cant. What the big deal?

The actual reason why people blog?


Don't blog unless u have nice watermelon for people to get jealous of.
Friday, September 07, 2007
  live life.
Ok, come on... need not everytime tell people about jokes or lame stuff...

I want to thank God for this life He has given me. Few years back, i seriously had no life. Or i should say i didn't understand what life is for. I want to be recognised, i want to be acknowledged, and more importantly, i want to be accepted and be "cool", but honestly i was a timid person, one who didn't even dare touch things that are against the rule. (As timid as a mice!)

The year i retained in secondary 3, made me reflected and pondered on alot of things.
I was born into a christian family, had christianly upbringing and was taught on the word of God, but was far from being a christian. What's life purpose, why am i on this earth for? I kept asking myself that. Thank God i went for a church camp that year.. it impacted me quite abit. I decided and committed myself to be a true christian.

God moulded me for a year as i began to be serious. Life as christian sure isn't is easy, but i know my rewards in heaven are many and plenty!

Not only that, my confidence is in Christ Jesus. Timid? I think i'm very bold now, for His love encourages me and i know my place in Him. Accepted? Come on, if my God is for me, with me, alongside me.. who can be against me? Im accepted together with the saints in heaven! Cool? Think true christians are nerds and have no life and sucks cause of their thinking/rules & regulation/strict lifestyle that doesnt allow partying, clubbing? WRONG! True Christians are the coolest princes and princess in this world! True happiness and joy isn't found in those places of partying and clubbing.. it just drains you of your life and energy! Real happiness and joy comes from the Lord, comes from worshiping Him.

Jesus died for us so that we can have our live our lives to the FULLEST! So Christians, be strong and urge one another to continue to persevere in this race. Non christians, don't you find something amiss in your life? Try Jesus, let Him fill that gap or that empty place. If this day you want to know more about him, feel free to contact me.
Wednesday, September 05, 2007
  EMO Blog
Blogs are for EMO kids-granddads/mums. How about EMO parents? they don't have much time, have to work.

This world is filled with EMOs. I really do believe the reason being is because they see too much ELMO. ok.. either that they didn't grow up seeing Seseme Street. Why can't every boy, girl, man, woman, old man, old woman just be NORMAL and not so EMOtic? This day, I want to find the cause and cure to EMOlism.

For youth - 99% is due to BGR, either that or BBR or GGR. (Due to more liberal thinking in society nowadays.) The other 1 % is sub divided into 0.5% each.
Part A of 0.5% is really due to genuine problems, such as parents abuse em' etc.. (my heart goes out to them)
Part B of 0.5% is just because they are retards.

I'm not very such what causes the middle age fellas and the oldies to be as EMOtic at times, but seeing the main reasons for youth, i would assume it has something to do with love/infautuation as well. Thus i conclude that as long people are CONTENTED with life and whatever they have, they are the COOLEST people on this EMO planet!

Here's the tricky part.. if i get this right, i can put a DR. infront of my name!
There are many many ways to cure EMOlism, EMOtic or whatever you would call it.
FIRST METHOD: Find work, Do work. This is a temp cure to all EMOtic troubles you might be facing. the trick is to be DISTRACTED from your own EMOtions. Patients somehow do complain that it comes back to them when work is done, and if they keep doing work, they will be labelled a "workaholic" (OH MY.... workaholics are EMOs!).

SECOND METHOD: Find many many water melons, and indudge yourself in a water melon feast. Afterwhich you would just die.

THIRD METHOD (the best so far): Go see a shrink. By then the problem you will face is no longer being EMO, but being broke.

Hope this will help you with your EMO today. Take care. Any questions pls proceed to find your local church pastors instead of me, thanks =D

Location: We're from blangadesh

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