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Wednesday, December 26, 2007
This the season to be jolly fluahlalalala, lala lala.

Jesus was borned, a saviour to this world.
He was God, yet He was man, so that He can suffer.
For you, For me, for that sinner.
Don't feel condemned now, no more shame now,
but rejoice with me my friend, for one day you'll understand,
the cross wasn't an easy thing to bear.

Is santa the main character this season or isit Jesus? Who would understand how Jesus felt when He came down to this world? He came down earth for us, but He knows the things He needs to go through... i really duno would He be happy coming down earth to rescue us. His love is just so great, though i'm a problem-filled/sins-filled/emotic person, i'm just thankful to have a God that loves me.

=) problems pls shoo away, for this is God's day! =D
Monday, December 10, 2007
  Dear God.
I feel like screaming, exploding, and run away from this world, this reality. Life is tough, and the tough get going, so... maybe i am soft. Infront i put on a brave, strong front, but deep within... i know i'm weak, as weak as any child. i'm tired and weary, i badly need You and a break.


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