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Monday, November 26, 2007
  Chain reaction
This day, i conclude that everything you do/i do/ anyone do.... will affect someone/something/some issues in life.

Say for example.. A does this, which directly affect B, while B is very good friends to C, D, E and F. So C, D, E and F is affected by it, and somehow or rather, C shares this problem which is caused by A and B to G, H, I, J, K and L, while D and E went into slow depression and die because they became too worried for B. H, I, J went to discuss this with the alphabet council members which are M, N, O and P. And the council members decided to ask, Q, R, S, T, U, V to help solve the problem by getting their advise because they had this problem once, and Q - V accidentally tell W, X, Y and Z (Gossiping) and so you see... THE WHOLE WORLD IS AFFECTED BY WHAT YOU DO.

So.. because of something A and B do, there is this chain reaction which causes EMO-ness, Depression and Sin!(Sin here refers to gossiping.)

In the world, or should i say in my world, the way to solve a problem is to find the root of the problem. And... in this case... the root of the problem is obviously A and B. My solution: eliminate A and B from this world and never to think about them again.

So... if you're name is daniel.... you're now called dniel ! No "a" and it's shorter!! Let's all celebrate and what amazing discovery I made. =D

P/S: if u read carefully, find the real message i'm bringing across, you know i'm not talking rubbish but sense in this stupid world.
Wednesday, November 14, 2007
i feel...... old, aged..... and...... DYING!

CARROT CAKE ONION BEEF CHILLI CHEESE FRIES WITH BBQ SAUCE..... i really really really don't understand WHY on earth do i keep falling sick... =/

i seriously think im'a SICKness magnet!! i attract all the sickness to me lah! First, i got the most feared kids disease- HFMD ( Hand Foot Mouth Disease ), than i got duno what white lump on my throat... i duno the term lah, its call "tong..." something...i go check up the internet... it says that rare cases than will have fever for 2 weeks.... (i learned after this incident im DAMN rare lah)... and now..... ok... i got only common flu... hahahhaha... ok.. i just realised it's very normal.. hahahhaa... ooooooOOOOOPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

but still lah, keep on falling sick isn't really that good.... i need to take gd care of myself !! =)


Hmmm, sensitive topic lah... my gang is gone... they went to rob some bank havent come back yet... im suppose to do my part and spend the loot... but i think they tio caught or smth... so now... i don't really have gang liao... i have............. i duno what... kk... i go slp liaos...

Here's to all the kids out there:
Brush ur teeth b4 u go slp k, if not the chicken wings uve eaten will come alive and grow wings on u ! WOOOO HOOOOO !

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