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Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Life is tough, but let me announce right now... to the world... that....

CHAR KWAY TIAO is nice!!!!

like WTH right.... haha, want to say i'm tougher lah actually, but i know myself and how much a certain amt of stress and pressure i can take...so i think i don't fit in the tough category. I guess i can go join some chicken nehs nehs and fly kite... hahaha =P

My last day of work @ Chio Lim Stone Forest <-- ( what a name, and im not even joking! ) would be on the 9th of APR.. next time my company shall be call Yam Yam Cold Jokes or something.. whahahahah!

anw, talking abt char kway tiao... sometimes i think why cant it be alittle healthier and also for it to become a healthy diet food? like tt i wldnt care if i eat too much will grow in size ant.. hahahaha...

Recently so much things happened to me... and of course the whole world. First, when mas selamat escaped from prison... i practically was like DUH. reason being... it was DUH. why escape when u got free food and free lodging? escape liao still need to find place to go... dumb man =/

ok, his escape didnt really affect me.. haha, just wanted to comment on it nia.. hahahaha.. wad affected me was so many/much/LOAD of things man... which are of cuz for me to know and for you to not know, not want to know, and shut ur mouth up if you know. Dont go commenting about me, or tease me u assholes. You want to know how i feel, how about putting yourself into my shoe and talk you rotten flamingo.

haha, i sound angry right.. to a certain extend i am lah.. just wanting to say to be a human, dont be so mean lah... teasing also until a certain extend right.. not that im like super piss off.. just want to say lah... i dun mind kena say cuz im used to it... but plz dont tease the younger ones lah... you duno what ive been thru. and b4 u tease ppl, why not tease urself first?

sry.. hahahahahaha.. just had to be serious.. hahahahhaa =D
Wednesday, March 05, 2008
I decide to run for it. Who's gonna vote for me?

If you vote for me.... i'll promise each of you a KISS OF YOUR LIFETIME!! and thats not all! I'll let you have a feel of my wonderful armpit hair! .......for FREE!!!!!! oh my tien! such good offer!!

hahahaha, and where am i going to run for it? in church! =_="

Sadly to say, churches now has more politics than compared to the outside world... or should i say some companies even. We, as the people of God, should be united! Only when we're united, than the world can see the love of God in us! We need to start loving one another.

So.... it all starts by voting for me................................


life still goes on... move on. after you vote for me... hahahahahahahhhaha...

Oh.. btw... i've joined facebook =D
Monday, March 03, 2008
  Simple truth
Friends are... people who will defend you no matter what. (Don't be deceived k.. not everyone like daniel yam.)


Girls are... people you can't do without in life yet at times you wish you were alone. (I love kailing loads.)


Guys are... people who just want to mate. (extremely not so for christians... ok? We aren't human.... we're aliens.)


I'm still very happy! be contented in the little things....!

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