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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
sigh. Life's like that! haha.. SUCK THUMB YO!!! hahahaha... Lets all suck THUMB!!! LIFE IS LIKE THAT!!!! hahaha... Boooooooooooooo!!!!

hae hae... think im going nuts. Date:03012007 Time:1327 Location:WORK -CLASSIFIED- How am i Feeling: quite down and crazy !

hahaha.. even now, i shall praise my God and King. The author and finisher of our faith, He rules and reign over all. I praise Him because He is in control over all. There is none like Him, be the person dead already or alive. He teach me His will, i feel His peace, He guides me through troubled times, He is my help and refuge, my strength and justice. God is judge indeed. Thank You God.

Alittle giddy now i am... so i shall go n rest! NITES!!!! hahaha...
Sunday, February 18, 2007
I feeeeel old... feel like i'm 22... sigh... when i'm 18... -_- hahahaha...

I realise smth thruout this lunar new year... as you get older... its either the lesser you get... or its much much more!! haha... i think mine increase alittle la... thank God... hahaha... i counted... just.. was veri little... den my bro counted like 300 odd.. -_-

haha i forgot to add those given earlier den usual.. hehe..

wooooooooooo~ GONG XI FA CAI~
Thursday, February 15, 2007
i believe... i broke the WORLD RECORD.. i just sneezed 15 times in a row....


Some stuff abt me: I like things direct.. don't really like to be played.. and when im hurt.. im really hurt. So pls, don't play me. =)

im sick... sigh. bloody hell.. like im a sick machine like that.... (that sounds alittle wrong).. haha... who gives a flying wintermelon about it.. maybe the spinach does... HMMMM... i think the med is making me crazy... -_-"
Wednesday, February 14, 2007
  The MAN is back
My life is so exciting right now.. that i can see 10 cows by the roadside eating grass and chewing on bubble gums... O_O (meaning to say is boring la)

LOTSA stuff happen la... in work, in life, in friends and also in my pocket...its empty... =(

Work - recently like got revocated back to engineers.. SIGH! need to march soon i guess
=( work in branch also vri bad... like got 10 million dollars of grass to eat like that.. SIGH

Life - getting old le... u know the chinese saying, cold, hungry, tired, no money, no girlfriend.... i fulfil all the citereas.... ARGHHHHHHHH.... my lifelong search for KUKU.... sigh... till now i stiu havent get her... maybe.... i nid to buy flowers to win the condor heroine... HMMMMM.... pls help me by donating to the help daniel get married fund k... haha..

Friends - i think i left with only a handful of them ah... SIGH. bo bianness.. i realise tt i cant really please all... so i can only please God ah... haha... kkkkk excuses.. i also lazy to maintain some of them as friends... haha.. as i grow.. i realise some ppl reallie liek KAE ZUA one.. some KNS... but some r really friends... some treat me like shit... or worst... some... okok.. cannot sae alr... sensitive ah.. sad.... in such.. i shall... set up a team call the me myself and i team.. this team has me... myself... and.... me! BONUS in this team.... a GER!!!!! hahahaha.. but till now like no one wans tis position ah.. saddening again... deserve another SIGH!

Pocket - its empty. Period.. (period wad period.. i stiu timetable... dumb americans... such english destroy the enviroments... =p)

ARGHHHH... life... basically...... SIGHS! haha..

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