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Sunday, November 19, 2006
  Mixed Feelings
Finalleeeee.. going to aust alr.. like what i say, feeling is definately mixed. DEF! on one hand i do hope to have some gd exp. on the other... i think its gonna be quite hectic.. with little time to sleep.. -_-. Dream of meetin KUKU dere also quite hopeless ah.. whahaha...

Tensions r sure to run high there.. but maybe otherwise too.. cuz ive got God with me.. He's been protecting me, covering me, and keeping me safe everytime.. tts y im stiu here =D i rem one time i was abt to meet wif an accident in india.. im sure God intervened.. cuz confirm will die one..lol..

Sieness mixed with Highness give u nowhereness... tts wad im feeling now! LOL.. haha

im gonna make a few decisions when i come back.. prolly abt ministry.. i think i need to concentrate on one ministry instead of having too many., =)
Saturday, November 04, 2006
  Dere can be miricles!
TODAY... is sunday.

I woke up @ abt 736am like tt.. normally gotta leave hse by 9+ to catch e bus to church.. So... crazily i went to run. RUNNING is smth i liek vri (not so) much. WORST is morning... i cant run @ all in the morning.. is like asking a cow to mount on the kite and fly... tts how jialatnified it is.

Anywho... i ran. But instead of the normal 2 rounds i ran 1 round.. cuz tired n lazy.. but the main imprt reason is of cuz i dun wan to be late for church... ^_^ !

Another amazing thing... i SHITTED 2 TIMES!!! WOOOOOO~~~ HUGE ONEEEES!!! WOOOOO~~~~~ wHAHAHAahAhAHAHAHA.. one aft n before.. WHAHAHAHahahAHAH..

if i go on.. the details wld be R21 ! =D
Friday, November 03, 2006
  Date draw nears
Its reaching 21st of NOV soon... -D Day- God pls protect me! haha...

Who knows.. maybe i'll find KUKU over at australia... whahahaha... she come with her condor.. whahhahahahahaha.... Condor Airways.. den we'll live happliy ever after... but high chance i'll just pollute her with the musics im hearin and blah blah.. den she'll prolly become Avril Lagvine... WOOOT~ a Punk KUKU

On a heavier note.....
My boss getting alittle stressed up... = me and kel stressed up = world ending!
Somebody DO SOMTHIN!!!! Give me $5000.00 !!!! hahahahaha

me and CC concluded tt i was a superhero known as: Temperature man. Powers r unlimited.. THUS FORTH, I'm the LATEST super hero! specialist in seeing movie.... ~

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