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Sunday, June 29, 2008
I'm Tired.

I've got so many QN up my head recently.. QN like Why things have to look like this? Why are things the way they are? Why why why why why? Why is the world round? (obviously i didnt think of the last QN..... =_=)

Duno lahs. EMO liaos.. haha.. but I think I'm at the age whr i start to reflect on life, think about life, eat life... slp life.. haha.. crap k.. haha.. but im really starting to think about things.. im gettin alittle complicated.. haha.. can i dont grow up ?

haha.. oh well... life stiu hafta moooooove on! work.. so slp
Tuesday, June 24, 2008
  AWFUL day
what will you do when u're just feeling AWFUL.

let me tell u 5 ways to make ur day as awesome as mine.

1) A - addicted to water. Drink cold water! Drink tons and tons of it. Why will it help? It will wash away all your dirty/harmful/unwanted substance in ur body! and u will feel.... much lighter (only after u pee for the next 12 days non-stop continuously!)

2) W - Wee Wee. PEE! PEE is the only way for a AWESOME sensation after that huge drinking of pure nice cold water! As stated, u must @ least try to PEE for 12 days continuously.. reason being.. there are 12 months in a year. <-- as define by ALL the calanders in the world. Dont believe u count the months la.

3) F - FORK! use fork to eat! even if ure drinking soup, eating anything soup base, drinking slurpee or mr.softee, use fork to CONSUME them!

4) U - Underworld. If ure not into underworld, might i suggest u write the word "world" and look under it! u will have wisdom if u can see it.

5) L - Lose! i hereby challenge u... to lose all your hair to MSG! eat 12 meals of maggie mee! put 3 X MSG packet. and u are on ur way to losing all ur HAIR! whahahahs!

P/S - please reads what my blog title says before following my unusual habits of turning an AWFUL day to an AWESOME day. =)
Monday, June 16, 2008
  left right center EMO
it has been 5 trillion years since i've updated my lovely emo blog. there are MANY changes that took place with this huge blink of an eye... dinosaurs became extinct.. my hair became lighter in colour as the sun is becoming hotter... and... i' wish that i could be Jesus disciple since i'm a tax collector.

Work is full of ups and downs... alittle while up... than all the way down. alittle while down, than it goes down even lower!! =_=


I miss having times when i need to mug for exams... (drink mug), i miss those times when i hang out with my friends... (i got friends?!), i miss those times when i was sucking my milk bottle...


kk. im crapping.

Cell grp is today and is awesome. cuz im in it. HAHA.


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