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Saturday, September 30, 2006
i just came home.. after stoning quite abit.. decided to just come here to write stuff. had bible studie in e morning. it was fun i guess... they happened to go to the topic about what if "God suddenly change ur topic of sharing". Hmmm... it got me thinking... hahaha.. actually it wasnt really this topic that made me think.. but i cant rem.. so nvm.. whhahahaha...

aft tt i had vocal trg... teacher was awesome. her voice is nice n neat... haha.. (just like mine!) WHHAHAHAHAHA...kidding.. if mine was like 1/8000 of hers i could join like WORLD idol... (but prolly still cant get in =P)

Den... i had serv practice. one word. FUN. ok la.. it isnt really.. just was HIGH. so prolly the word shd be HIGH. this is what happen when i think too much things... den i will just become high ltr.. hahahahaha... cool huh.. hahahahhaa...

ltr... went out with some of my frens.. to get french fries... no la.. get some stuff... and.... use it la.. den met another fren to see movie.. den...... toked cock wif him till last train.. haha.. Thk God He is good la.. hahaha.. got last train to sit!! HEHE...

i dun quite like wad im doing when i am who i am now... sometimes cant i just be like yang guo and go find kuku? (Nothing to do with birds.. it meant aunty...of cuz pretty aunty and dun have any blood relationship type.. )... hahhaa... and it will just be happily ever aft story.. hahahaha... RIGHT.
Sunday, September 24, 2006
Die la.. its over liaoz(quarentine).. tomor going back to work... duno how also.. like quite stress like that.. it seems that this week my life is just VCDed.Hmm.. HFMD came as a surprise.. whahaha.. gd yet not good.. duno how to sae also.. Gd cuz i can finally be at home n slp alot.. nt gd cuz i cant get to go out... hahaha.. life like that la.. who wanna work man (haha it sounds alittle wrong if u read it wrongly.. whahhaah)... besides my pay is worst den a macdonal employee.. how bad can it get..ARGHs~

Its almost 12am now.. shd get sleeping.. just came back from banquet.. (watching it =p ).. not nice ah.. i think zhang ziyi isnt pretty at all la.. duno why like so many guys go Gugugaga over her.. Bleah x 1 million times also nt enuff..

Cell grp i think going thru tough period.. (me too ah).. but bo bian.. they all mus go thru those exams.. I think i also tough cuz ive been doing some thinking too(bout that ger! WHAHAHAHA.. kidding).. but yea... serious stuff... and its quite getting to me.. it seems that i need to make adult's type of decisions VERY soon.. cant i just like buy tt remote control n jus Fast forward till i die? den i go to heaven directly liaoz.. hahahaha... WOO~

Thursday, September 21, 2006
  Today is Thursday
today is awesome... cuz.... i saw drama till i dun wan to see.. cuz i dun quite like the ending of one of the part.. whahahhaa.. buttt.. i shall reempahsis tt the main lead (ger) is very CHIO. whoaz. nosebleeding type i tell u.

I went for prayer meeting... It was gooooooood. Thou something on stage was different... hahha.. i think the speakers are spoilt liao... haha.. maybe is cuz ive stayed at home too long.. i felt different.. maybe the disease is a robot and came into me.. and den i became a robot... hahahahahaha...

Friday. Gonna be quite hectic.. shd i go out eat sakae anot? will it be too rush for me? and will i get found out by going out.. hahahaha...
Wednesday, September 20, 2006
I'm officially a Blogger. A Nerd. and a NOOB!!! *CRIES* this is my forth entry in a day!!! ok.. theoratically it isnt but to me it is... *CRIES AGAIN*

Rabbit just left me to face the lonely night alone... im afraid.. im scared... HAHAHA.. right. just sien la.. this is pretty sien... my quarentine period... ok la.. nth except dramas and dramas and dramas and dramas......

OK. now i shall rant about EX DW.
I simply don't understand why e heck do we need to go places like australia to train ?! i mean in the desert ?! and its like 3 WEEKS ?! we could all just go play Counterstrike and im SURE + CONFRIM that singapore soldiers will fight better and more tatical!! I simply dun understand why must we go dere shoot kangeroos... hahahahahahaa... but seriously........................................... (Actually i type alot le.. but bcuz its CLASSIFIED n SECRET stuff thats why u all cant see...)

Frens frm army... Listen to me... i decide... to start a coup... something like that of thailand one... are you with me?? Is time.... to take over singapore... and...... eat char kway tiao. We need to make em realize tt army is sieness and 1 yr is more den enough! if not will talk bullshit one!!!
  The Day
It's 9pm already.. and actually ive just stopped watching that show... been seeing since morning.. WHAHAHA...

Seeing so many babes and the hero(s)... ive come into conclusion that... they all need love. The hero mentality is that he must stand out, so that the ger (normally the most beautiful one) would take attention of him and that they can live happily ever after. The babes mentality is that she must stand out, so that the hero would pick her and that they can live happily ever after.

I believe all guys want to be the heros and gers want to be the babes. I dunt want to be hero thou.. decided. i jus want the babes... WHAHAHAHA

And i also realise i havent prepare my work............... DIE. WTH.
OH MY Tien la.. WTH!?!?!?! I was seeing "condor Heros... " den u rem the famous "KuKu.."( i seriously mean auntie and nothing else)...

She's gorgeous beyond description.... her beauty... d[O.O]b Den that stupid EVIL guy go n rape n molest her... GRRRRRRRR!!!! EVIL!!!!! jus so unfair la... haiz. I feel sad for her. How could ppl do tt to her... if i can enter the show... hahahaha... i'll just take a M203 and gun em down.. afterall ima M203 gunner.. whahahahaaha... who needs kungfu when i have gun.. hehe..

this show no good ah.. show so many pretty babes.. hehe...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006
  Day 1
It was like 4am(9am) in the morning... and i slept at 3am(2am) when EUNICE woke me up!!! ARGH!. It was like forcing my eyes that were glued together to open.... sad... hahaha... and i realised that ive got a few friends free... HMMM... hahahahah...

My EVIL boss wanted to check whether i CHAO KENG!?!?!?! ima having HFMD for goodness and ice cream sake! LIKE WTH man!!! Going thru HFMD is something like commando course.. got pride one... instead of red beret i got red spots.. well... both is red. I win.

now seeing a new drama.. "condor heros" hahahaa.. its my 4th drama in the short 3-4days. haha their Kongfu moves quite cool.. if i master it i think i can be the MASTER of singapore.. haha.. and i shall have free food n babes... woo hoo... and a free fan club... hae hae hae..

EX DiamondWarrior.. haiz... !! shall elaborate it furthur after my drama. ~~
  A VERY sad start
im forced to blog.. ive got a disease that is... FATAL(lly bored)... so im trying to do something like that of <<One litre of tears>> diary.. Not that im making fun of that poor girl.. is just that im too bored at home.. having HFMD and being quarentine... for someone like me who goes out everyday..(almost.. nearly)... CAN DIE.

So.. yeah.. lets begin our journey into this endless boredism milky way.

I just told someone to "feel hornered" cuz i did something for her...
[Notice the spelling... i think its quite wrong... and it totally changes the meaning to that sentence.WHAHAHAHA..]

Ok.. that beside the thing im gonna rant about. (Behind it is....... haha =p)
Today im gonna talk about : HAND FOOT MOUTH DISEASE.

I mean what the heck man. IMA 22 YRS OF AGE!!! WHY meee?! Ok.. Sadly to say.. its like some incurable disease.. Aids perhaps.. only thing it isnt fatal.. and yeah.. it isnt fatal. (Not for babies!) Letme humbly describe the disgusting process you gotta go thru. (im helping you understand the disease).

First... u kena FEVER. which reach upto 39.7... (me). Den u'll feel tt a ZILLIONIFIED ulcers are inhabiting your poor little mouth. slowly RED SPOTS like RED SPOTS appear on ur hands and legs.. den... U'll find it hard to eat, walk, talk.......... den... U'll...... DIE(of boredism when u get quarentine). Sad right.SIGH. yes.. its painful and i know u pity me =D

the only thing diff when compare to Aids... i guess its not STD.

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