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Thursday, January 24, 2008
  2 face me.
My mask
Now i am in office, sitting on my cosy chair, surrounded by a nice and pretty computer, greeted by a 1,000,000,000.00 papers filled with money figures, and.. i'm getting younger by the day!

With burst of energies just coming out of me, i feel like i'm 20!

The Truth
I'm still in office, siting very uncomfortably in this stupid small corner on a old HP computer, surrounded by 1,000,000,000.00 papers with money figures that doesn't belong to me (at all), and im already 24.

I so need some sleep.
Monday, January 07, 2008
In army whilst training... there's this saddistic song that are being sung by soldiers..it goes something like this if i can remember correctly:

Drop a bomb and kill the people,
Drop it in a parade square,
do it on a sunday morning,
when the children come and play.

Hahahaha.. IM SADISTIC! hahahahaha.. okok.. that's not true yeah.. im quite gentle, soft, good etc.. HAHAHAHA..

Sometimes i think it's quite ok to show others ur "other" side. Otherside here as in.. ur anger, ur fustration, ur disappointments... it's not good to keep it all inside.. haha.. later u become a HUGE farting machine... keep everything inside, dun fart for 2000 weeks... and than... ONE shot let it all out.. ;) OF CUZ... i will choose to let it all out at my enemy... let him know how a 2000 week old fart smells like! the FART of a lifetime! FART of your life.

New year 2008:

Goals - to become a farting machine! (KIDDING) hmmm.. but i think it'll be cool... if i'll be able to let it ALL OUT... (let me count... 23 years of durian + all other junk food... and let it all out on someone i dislike.. just for the pleasure of seeing his reaction from my 1 Hr farttime.!)

WOO HOO! oh btw... im not that perfect (almost ok...minus those pimples etc), i do dislike ppl... if its possible... i will let them go through the farting-maximus.

Farting Maximus consist of 12 people gather in a circle, butts facing the enemy(shit head stupid @sshole freakalogy coconut nehneh), and the 12 have continuously eaten spoilt food for 12 years and has not farted nor shited. Once ready, the fart and the shit comes out, it transform into Maximus Shit (Maximus prime brother). and than.... (the whole process takes 12 days and 12 hours) *HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHA* i cant imagine liao... my creative juice stopped there. but still... *HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA* that @sshole WILL GET THE SMELL OF HIS LIFETIME! WOOHOOS

ok. plain evil. not me but the enemy. AHHAAHHAHA.

enough about fart... i wrote this while eating my lunch. HAHAAHAHA...

let it out ppl... in the correct way though =D avoid using vulgarity.... use like shift12345678987654321 =D dun use it on blog or post too... do it abstractically.. like mine =)

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