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Sunday, February 24, 2008
YAY! Financial year finally ending... which means... I AM KING! hahahaha... cannot take it man, recently work was like fighting fire in hell.. or forcing a vegetarian to eat beef.. or.. making our shit silver in colour! hahahaha.. ok, i'm just happy =D

Part of my work is to Buy/Sell shares for my clients..... KIDDING LAH!buy tissue paper maybe... like i will be entrusted with a few million... hahahaha.. i will use that amt to go shopping lah! hahahahas... ok, im not a Trader.. but im a PAYROLL AGENT! <-- sound like some chicken neh neh secret spy agent or smth... but infact is just counting money and paying ppl their money. Sometimes can drool... knowing how much ppl earn... u just feel like being their godson... or even their house watermelon.. haha..

Life in church is like a stock market...
Dont ask me why... cuz i duno why also.. hahahahahaha..

This year, im hitting my mid twenties... thats like OLD. OLD. OLD. i feel like i can't run, can do anything! im like an elderly... so... when u see an empty seat on the bus or mrt... please gimme seat... pls pls pls ? haha..

P/S: i got to give kailing the credit for being someone so awesome for me.. shes really the best and i love her! =D

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