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Sunday, October 28, 2007
  How to be happy
Recently, many people have been burdened down, brought down, and burned down.. emotionally i mean. Seeing so many things happened, i can't help but feel that even the book of lementation sounds happier because God was the focus then.

Now it seems that as technology advances, we(human) relies more on them than the Word of God that has power... to make demon flee, that has authority on earth, and the wisdom of God to deal with problems that is much worst then compared to 10 elephant backside facing you while you are trapped and cannot move and the elephants just ate 1000 pounds of onion and drink onion juice. ( i can't imagine)

I use to be a very very self-pitiful person - until i realise that Jesus is living in me, and i have no reason just to be unhappy but to be happy even in my storms. (storms in my stomach that cause gastric pain)

Do not be so troubled, do not be so worried, especially when we have a GOD that understands us, know our problems, and face our giants with us!! Let us all read the Word of God and obey it! Christians, it's really time we rise up, to be that generation that will fight for Jesus using the Jesus way. Not by violence, but by peace and wisdom, humility and obedience, respect and love towards one another.

Once that is achieve, i can finally see Jesus when He comes back, because i long for His coming, long for His presence, and long for His righteousness to rule us once more.
Friday, October 26, 2007

Im not angry.. just feeling depressed... thats y i blog rem? Emo ppl love to blog.

i suck. =(
Friday, October 05, 2007
It's been a decade since i blog (write rubbish) about what is going on.

To be honest, recently i've been chosen by Special Ops (Army elite) to be their leader in covet operations.. but i find it too boring.. so.... i've decided to have a more entertained life by working in an office as a Assistant Exec. (lowest life form in office). And let me tell you... IT IS FUN!!!

If u're reading this.. this is another example on how to live a positive lifestyle.. by being extremely positive.

Work - 9am to 6pm, and a saturday/mth 9-1pm.

haha.. working life is kinda alright lah.. it really depends on how u view things.. like if given a task - say for example they ask u shred (<-- i duno how to spell.. shrek? haha..) a piece of wood before they will employ u... DONT SEE IT AS AN IMPOSSIBLE TASK... =)

Just see it as u're a TERMITE... haha.. and u'll enjoy doing it !

Life is full of ups and downs.. that is why ronan keating.. (i duno how to spell again.. sounds like some baberian... <-- this one also.. sigh.. CMI) sang that song.. "Roller coaster" or something like that lah.. can't be bothered. So... today.. the point i want to bring across is that....


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