A whole lot of crap
Tuesday, July 03, 2007
it's been around a month since i posted something.. haha..

well... today just isn't my day. feeling quite crappy now. And i realised that is only when you're in a relationship or in those grey area that you'll feel this way. Don't ask me about marraige yet.. still single in the eyes of the law.

At sometimes you do feel blissful.. knowing that you have someone with you and there for you.. but yet at times you feel in a wreck.. knowing that the other party isn't responding to you or whatever goes.

haha.. crap. Meaningless meaningless... everything is meaningless!! haha... prolly used this in wrong context.. hahaha... I'll let God tk control and let Him run His game =D afterall He knows me better than i do... and the best thing is He takes cares of His children! And one thing is for sure... I KNOW IN HIM IM SAVED. DON'T STUMBLE ME IN MY SALVATION. I KNOW JESUS DIED ON THE CROSS FOR ALL OF US.. ME INCLUDED. thank You God. i know i can be at rest when i'm with You.

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