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Saturday, October 28, 2006
SAD. SAD. ok la.. but den not that sad alr..

I shd just change this SAD to SICK.

Sick Sick. Ok la.. But den stiu quite sick...

SIENIFIED. i was just cured of HFMD... now kena duno wad the heck infection... den........ worst news was... ima gonna become PES B again... tt heartless doctor...!! O_O... <-- those dots were meant to be tears.

Fri dint end too bad... cell was gd.. haha.. had quite abit of fun. i discover some secret abt PEPSI n PEPSI LIGHT..

Sat = Today = not so good except morning = so kinda bad day... duno wad e heck halloween day... i stiu haf my armpit day leh heh! LOSERS!

hahaha... let me complain alittle.. hahaha... nt everyday sunday n nt everyday is KUKU day... haha.. but... i nid to also act wad i teach... stiu there is smth to thk God for. I thank God for frens tt somehow understand wad im going thru.. i thank God for His grace.. thou i was very sick i manage to become not tt sick.. and i thank God for frens again... cuz... they r good.. and i thank God tt i know my future is safe with Him. ~
Thursday, October 26, 2006
Tuesday, October 24, 2006
  Au revoir to KUKU
Bye KUKU... today is the day ive completed my VCD "condor heros..."

Finally after 16 yrs of living apart... they got together... hahaha.. so romantic! God... i waited for more den 16 yrs le.. ima 22!!! HW!!! hahahaha... kidding la God.. haha.. Your timing is e best.. but i pray tt You wunt delay it.. hahahahaha...

KUKU is so pretty... the 16 yrs apart the VCD shd show her instead of the guy la.. ima sure the ratings for the VCD will shoot up the roof all the way to aljunied... haha..


hahahhaa... i nidddd YOU!!!! whr r uuuuuuuuu LONG ER (dragon lady.. nt longer..)!!!!

Sunday, October 22, 2006
I decided.

From now on... i'll be call Duke of the WATER. WHY!? cuz.... drinking water is gddddddddd. I shall have the power to control water!! hahahaha...

'?!" right... haha.. i feel high cuz i quite sien suddenly.. hahahaha...

Just came back from Tert camp... had a awesome time over there. Theme of the camp was Back to the basic. Guess it was that specific season for tert ppl n ldrs.. hahaha.

One qn. Why is the bible real? (a hard question....nt hard as in "hard as stone" but hard to reply type of hard...)

hahaha... My God is awesome... so is His word... haha..

Thursday, October 19, 2006
To all you who are my friends... U're AWESOME! thanks for making my life so happening..

My first fren.. God.
Thank You so much.. So big yet so friendly... So powerful yet so humble.. So righteous yet so humourous... thanks.. haha.. i love You. i sincerely hope to see You when i die.. haha.. i dun wan go hell =) haha..

My church frens...
haha.. ure all lovely! continue to run the race for Him.. haha.. thanks for all the supper ah.. haha.. FAT le.. sienness.. mUSst exercise!

My poly frens...
Not much left.. except for a few.. haha... u guys r the coolless.. hahaha...

My army frens...
U GUYS ROCKS... haha.. just dun turn into rock and den start stoning... stiu need to do work n duty.. whahahahahaha...

And finally... u all must help me... FIND MY KUKU! hahahahahahaha...
Monday, October 16, 2006
Today mind u.. is monday. A very very sad and moody monday, even though i was very high and happening just now... i concluded that this monday isnt that good... cuz.. im staying in.. HAIZ/SIGH/ARGH/OUCH/HELP.

But oh well.. compared to 30SCE.. guess i thank God indeed! I can remember those days of depression.. the EVIL sgts...offrs..... ETC..... NVR do/will i miss em' (cept my buddies there of cuz). Training life is tough.. i can take it.. besides ive done it in Tekong.. anw ive also completed my trg as a combat engineer.. BUT... "u ask me chiong den nv give welfare.. HW CAN!?!?!?!?!" haha.. its like asking linghu chong or yang guo(the one in e VCD.. cant rem his name) to give up KUKU! like WT HECK MAN!

ok nvm.. cool down.. hahaha.. now bout some really wholesome stuff =)

Only by His grace, can i stand. In His presence, there is freedom. I seek truth, but at times i fail to keep them. God is very kind to me... i am deeply humbled by His grace n love n hope He has in me. As a child.. ive definately failed Him many times.. the only possible reason im still around is bcuz of His love. Life is a test, but yet His grace is sufficient for us. Thank God for Jesus, Thank God for God, and thank God for His love. I pray that all may come to His salvation, or at least hear abt it and given a chance to decide. Sometimes i do wonder why i am saved. i reflect and i sigh. "many deserve much more den me.." my thought. God reminded me.. " i love all equally".

haha.. my God is cool.. no other gods offer such stuff call.. "love" which is precious =D
Saturday, October 07, 2006
last night.. had quite a bit of fun thanks to melvin (army).. i totally enjoyed myself.. thanks dude..

BUT... there was this one indian fellow.... 40+, alittle plump, big size..... and with an ang moh wife... BLOODLY HELL! tt guy was one of a kind snobbish, irritating and idiotic to the maximum. ARGH. nvm.. whats over is over... done is done... life goes on.. i'll still continue to eat my laksa and see my Vcds..

is chua birthday too... "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" sorrie had to leave earlie thou.. =

this morning also dramatic.. i slept at 3 last night, den this morn when i woke up to go pee.... i saw my sms... leb was saying tt ima leading prayer mtg... I WAS WIDE AWAKE.. haha... immediately i woke a few people up... and confrim i wasnt the one... hahahahahahaha... scary..

all these leads to one thing... since its so dramatic.... it leads to....... or is leading to........ THE END OF WORLD..................


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