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Sunday, February 08, 2009
Isn't life all about irony.

One's thing different from the other, yet we're supposed to conform to the other because there can be only one that is correct. And this way of thinking comes from the one who think he is different from the other. And when becoming the other, than you will think that being different is the real correct.

Was a student in a neighborhood school in both my primary and secondary school days, and it wasn't long before I entered my Poly life. 3 quick years past and I was given the responsibility to protect my land. Later I found myself working. A year past.

I realized I wasn't who I was previously. No longer was I the guy who cared less about my appearance, no longer was I who didn't had a goal or a purpose. Neither was I still a dreamer who did nothing about his dreams. I learned a new module in life, but I was far from getting good results in this subject call responsibilities.

This isn't something I can do just by memorizing, studying hard or practicing. This is linked to another new subject I learned in the class of life, called self discipline. I have a few close friends, and most of them are doing well so to speak. With some having distinction, others having scored straight "A"s for them. I envy.

I can only vow and hope again, that this time round, I can prove all wrong, including myself, that I do have some worth by scoring well, and leaving people speechless and proud. All I hope, is that when I reach such a state, I do not think that actually, previously I was correct in all that I've done before being a changed person in a changed circumstances.

Lost was the past, now is the present, hope is the future.
Stay happy Danny!!! HAHAHA
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