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Tuesday, June 24, 2008
  AWFUL day
what will you do when u're just feeling AWFUL.

let me tell u 5 ways to make ur day as awesome as mine.

1) A - addicted to water. Drink cold water! Drink tons and tons of it. Why will it help? It will wash away all your dirty/harmful/unwanted substance in ur body! and u will feel.... much lighter (only after u pee for the next 12 days non-stop continuously!)

2) W - Wee Wee. PEE! PEE is the only way for a AWESOME sensation after that huge drinking of pure nice cold water! As stated, u must @ least try to PEE for 12 days continuously.. reason being.. there are 12 months in a year. <-- as define by ALL the calanders in the world. Dont believe u count the months la.

3) F - FORK! use fork to eat! even if ure drinking soup, eating anything soup base, drinking slurpee or mr.softee, use fork to CONSUME them!

4) U - Underworld. If ure not into underworld, might i suggest u write the word "world" and look under it! u will have wisdom if u can see it.

5) L - Lose! i hereby challenge u... to lose all your hair to MSG! eat 12 meals of maggie mee! put 3 X MSG packet. and u are on ur way to losing all ur HAIR! whahahahs!

P/S - please reads what my blog title says before following my unusual habits of turning an AWFUL day to an AWESOME day. =)
Lol dots man.......................
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